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Gorički raj traditional cheese dairy
Ratkovci 20a
SI-9207 Prosenjakovci

+386 31 777 436    +386 30 681 886

Our products available near your home:
- Murska Sobota marketplace on Fridays and Saturdays
- Pogačarjev trg square (organic market) in Ljubljana, every other Saturday
- Maximus shopping centre in Murska Sobota, every Friday afternoon
- Etuška traditional products store – Ms Vratarič Nina, contact: Ms Polona (+ 386 41 949 938)
- Biomax store, Koseze marketplace, Ljubljana
- Naš raj store, Ljubljana central marketplace
- Cekar store, Gosposvetska cesta, Maribor
- Celje marketplace on Fridays and Saturdays

Opening times:
Monday – Sunday: 7.30 am – 3 pm


Landscape in Harmony

LAS Goričko:
- Content
- Goals and partners



Have you always wanted to have a farm animal yet you never had the opportunity or was this animal simply not suited to be kept at home? Would you like to enjoy the traditional products made of cow's or goat's milk obtained from animals grazing in the midst of pristine landscape? Would you like to help keep the unspoilt Goričko nature by preventing the areas from overgrowing and revitalising them through controlled pasturing, which would contribute to the preservation of the cultural landscape?

You and you children are offered a chance to adopt a goat or a sheep that can be only yours.

We offer two types of partnership farming

1.    For a contribution of €50.00 for a goat or sheep's food and supply,
you will get milk products of your choice (cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese, milk etc.) in the same value and you will be able to purchase several other products off price.

2.    A contribution of €320 to buy a pregnant breeding animal will get you a three year supply of milk product of your choice in the value of 180 litres of milk.

How we take care of our animals

All our animals graze the overgrown and abandoned land which is also regularly subjected to biological controls. They stay at the pastures during the winter as our family, whose members specialise in animal breeding, takes good care of them. You can come and see the animals and spend a day or two with them. Your children will be most delighted when they get a chance to visit our cheese dairy and play in the midst of unspoilt nature.

You are welcome to experience a part of our paradise...

Product distribution upon previous agreement.


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